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Case Study 1: Rockridge Record-Breaker

373- 63rd Street . Oakland . CA . 94618

373- 63rd Street . Oakland . CA . 94618

Background: Our client contacted us to sell his Rockridge home which he had purchased in 2007.  It had been tenant occupied for the last several years and was outdated. As-is value of the property was approximately $950,000, which would have been a break-even sale for the client.

Recommendation: Because the property was located in Rockridge, the most desirable neighborhood in Oakland, we knew investing in its condition prior to sale would provide our client with a solid return on his investment. Based on our knowledge of buyer's preferences and our goal to provide our client with the highest ROI possible, we developed a renovation plan and budget.

Result: Our client invested approximately $175,000 in the renovation. Within 12 days on the market, he received 30 offers for the property, which sold for a record-breaking $1.5M ($1,073 per square foot) and provided him an ROI of over 300%.

Before & After Photos: (coming soon)

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