What We Do

Let's face it, the Bay Area is an expensive place to live, so no matter your price range the home you buy will likely need minor tweaks to a major renovation to meet your needs and aesthetic. And chances are some trade-offs will be involved in buying a home here, and we will guide you in making those choices.

Because of our extensive renovation experience, when showing you homes we can give you our ideas on what to fix or change, how much it will cost, as well as potential impact on resale value.

We think out of the box to find solutions, so we always offer suggestions about different neighborhoods to consider, ways to structure the contract to suit your needs, and other ways to get you what you want within your budget.

We know you are searching on Zillow and Redfin. We also think those sites offer great search tools, so have fun looking there, or feel free to use our search. But when you are ready to meet with a real person who can guide you, protect you, enlighten you, and to enjoy the process with, then we hope you'll connect with us!

What You Can Expect From Us

  • We always work towards your best interests
  • You will receive a comprehensive Home Buyers Guide at the beginning of your search
  • We will update you on current market conditions
  • We will conduct frequent searches and recommend appropriate properties to you
  • We can provide you with a list of reputable lenders for loan pre-approval
  • We will often preview properties on your behalf in order to save you valuable time and energy
  • We will counsel you on writing an appropriate offer
  • We will schedule and attend all property inspections during the escrow period
  • We will be available during your escrow signing to answer any last-minute questions you may have
  • Our firm will provide continued service to you beyond close of escrow, including consultation on design and renovation
  • Your patronage allows us to generously support local non-profit organizations that focus on improving the lives of children and adults with special needs

Client Testimonials

The Home Co. is truly a pleasure to work with. They are very personable and extremely knowledgeable with the Bay Area’s real estate market. They found the perfect house for me just before my vacation. While I was away in Europe, they took care of the entire transaction. I can’t thank them enough for all you help!
— Samuel Lee, Buyer
The Home Co. is the best! They are extremely knowledgeable and personable and everyone enjoys working with them. Their connections and relationships help them get the best deals for their clients. We owe our new home all to their shrewd knowledge of the real estate scene. As new home buyers they were very patient with us and answered all our questions, even the ridiculous ones. They also offered great advice on remodel solutions in many of the homes we were looking at. We love The Home Co. and would highly recommend them to anyone.
— Shana Gillis, Buyer
To say that The Home Co. is AMAZING is the understatement of the year! We felt COMPLETELY comfortable during the whole process. They took us (literally) by the hand and helped us EVERY step of the way! And to top it off - in the end they went ABOVE and BEYOND by calling from vacation (with a HUGE time change) at 1:30am to make sure they spoke directly to the Listing Agent to walk her through our bid - I KNOW that made all the difference! We are sooooo grateful and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them!
— Yolie Hernandez, Buyer