6 Tips for Staging a House to Sell Quickly in Oakland - East Bay


1. Install Statement Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are an easy upgrade that almost anyone can learn to install! You don't have to replace every light in your home, but replace those that are most noticeable and can make a huge impact, like a dining room chandelier, kitchen island pendant, or front porch light. By selecting on-trend fixtures, you'll have an easy update that can become a focal point when selling your Oakland - East Bay home.

2. Display On-Trend Accessories

While your entire home and all your furnishings may not be updated (and it would cost a fortune to do), you can certainly refresh your home's style with inexpensive pillows, towels, bedding and accessories! Just zip on down to Target or HomeGoods for the latest finds perfect for home staging at budget-friendly prices.

3. Roll a Fresh Coat of Paint

We'll admit it, we love the smell of fresh paint! There is nothing better than the clean slate that new paint provides! It doesn't have to be white, and in fact, we love painting with color. But the color should remain relatively neutral. For the best paint colors for staging a house, check out Benjamin Moore online for their expert picks, or try Pottery Barn for their seasonal color picks. 

4. Every Space Counts! (Staging a Small House)

Often our Oakland - Berkeley homes can be on the smaller side, so it's imperative to showcase every nook and cranny as usable and functional space. Does the house have wasted space in the entry? Then turn it into a home office nook. Is there an odd bonus room? Then showcase a nursery. Give every space purpose so a buyer feels like they are getting the most they can for their money.

5. Remember the Outdoors

Piggybacking on #4, showcasing the outdoors as purposeful, usable space can translate to a higher sales price when selling property in Oakland - East Bay. And we don't just mean your backyard- also give purpose to your front yard, porch, side yard or patio (staging a condo for sale)- by adding a bistro table, Adirondack chairs, gardening bench, or kid's play area. 

6. Sometimes no Staging is the Best Staging

At The Home Co., we have a lot of home buyer clients looking for fixer uppers to buy and renovate. Currently in Oakland and The East Bay, there is a very large and strong market for fixer uppers. If you can't afford to renovate to sell, then adding "lipstick on a pig" with home staging may not be the best solution. The better course of action may be to sell as a "contractor special" or to sell the property's future potential.

Because The Home Co. is the only firm in Oakland, Berkeley, Lamorinda, and Walnut Creek that works with both home buyers and home sellers, and provides home staging, and home design and renovation to our buying and selling clients, we think there is no better team to consult with you on how to get the most out of buying, selling and renovating property in the East Bay. Contact us and let us know how we can help you!