6 Travel Photos to Inspire Your Next Interior Design Journey

It’s that time of year when many of you are returning home after a summer of exploration.

Whether you stay-cayed hiking the golden hills of California, cruised the RV to the Grand Canyon digesting the majestic beauty, or travelled to the other side of the world experiencing transformative cultures and foreign beauty, it’s no doubt that the images you saw - and likely photographed - can and will inspire your design sense and choices. 

Below are 6 inspirational travel photos taken by The Home Co. team with simple ways you can incorporate the colors, textures, style, and moods in your next design. 

The Grand Canyon’s greatest impact often comes from the sudden shock of seeing its vastness without filters or obstructions. When the sun sets into the horizon, hues of pinks, purples, and oranges splay across the valley and its peaks. 

This color combination is fresh and natural, and can be used in feminine or masculine designs, as well as with cool or  warm color palettes. Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to update your home design. 

This pillow from @worldmarket captures the majestic tranquility that the colors of the Grand Canyon display at sunset.

Dusty Pink Crossroads Throw Pillow



In the city of San Miguel De Allende cobblestone streets and historic chapels are highlighted by the vibrant art scene. The desert cactus blooms tall and the handmade terracotta pottery has never looked so beautiful. 

Today almost every great design incorporates indoor plants, either real or fake, they create serene spaces and interesting texture. With so many varieties, you can find one in any style and size that blends into your space and inspires you at home, but may also remind you of where you want to go. 

San Francisco startup, @leonandgeorge, offers indoor greenery to enhance your space. They have a unique selection, several pot options, and deliver to multiple cities.

Large Desert Cactus 

$599 for plant and pot


The Mediterranean Sea just might be the most gorgeous body (of water) on this planet. Any amateur photographer can take immaculate photos that are swoon-worthy. It’s no wonder that artists have been inspired by this sea for thousands of years and its likeness is part of many home art collections. Just before the inspirational photo was taken, @TheHomeCo styled our real estate listing using this Mediterranean art piece. Although clearly different vantage points, the transition of purples to blues is an uncanny resemblance. 

We source our art pieces from many online retailers, but one of our favorites is @minted, a community of independent artists and designers. 


The combined black and gold tone - usually brass or copper - is hot on the current design scene. This door found in the historic medina of Fes, Morocco is ancient and likely weighs a thousand pounds. 

The mood board and final application designed by @TheHomeCo designer @nataliaavalos demonstrates how to bring these color elements to a design in a light, fresh, less weighty way. Take note of the tile too! 

These styles can be found at a variety of retailers, both online and in store. We love @westelm @rejuvenation and @cb2. 

Solvang is in California’s Central Coast, and it’s where, unexpectedly sits an Ostrich Farm. Raise your hand if you can pass an Ostrich Farm and not stop. Right! We didn’t think so. This nice gal standing alone in a pasture of more than a hundred others, was quite a beauty. 

Pablo Picasso painted a series of animals to illustrate “Histoire Naturelle”. La Ostriche has delighted art lovers for years. The sepia tone, unique paper style, and movement of the animal creates an art piece that is simultaneously sophisticated and whimsical, allowing for transitional use in any room of your home. 

This pretty print can be found at @artdotcom.

The Ostrich, Pablo Picasso



Vintage tile like this one from Lisbon, Portugal - or any country, for that matter - is mesmerizing. Whether you like traditional, tribal, or textured, there is a reason that top brands are replicating this look and you see it in some form in almost every design. Extra gorgeous is the blending of old world or touch of antique with an updated contemporary design. 

This look can easily be replicated with tile from @ArtTileOakland 

They have a beautiful selection of stone and tile at every price point. 


All is pretty.
— Andy Warhol

When you love travel and you love design (or perhaps you just appreciate a good one), it’s impossible not to look at experiences through the lens of an artist. Returning home with thousands of images - both in memory and on camera - you can expect the fulfillment, appreciation, and inspiration to continue when you take the time to sit down and reflect their beauty. 

What images have you been inspired by? Please share in the comments. 

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