Real Estate Staging


Our styling represents a range of decorating aesthetics to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers. Offering our signature mix of contemporary and traditional design, we apply a blend of clean-lines with luxe finishes, high-end and budget-conscious style, all layered with textures that create an experience that is a touch aspirational and always approachable.

Combining our real estate expertise with our understanding of buyer preferences, we know who a likely homebuyer will be and what they are looking for in a home, and then deliver it to them with our proprietary real estate staging inventory.

Whether we are staging a home for sale or assisting a client with recreating their current space, our designs are inclusive of artwork, furnishings and decorative elements that enhance any space with modern sophistication.


  • Note: Our real estate staging services are only offered as a benefit to our listing (seller) clients and we do not stage homes that we are not also listing for sale.

  • Real estate staging services can also include full service interior design and home renovation design project facilitation.

  • Our propriety inventory is refreshed often so our look is always current.

  • We continually provide touch-up services to keep your home looking its best during the marketing period.

  • We art-direct architectural photography sessions and are always cognizant to show your home at its best.

  • Often our staging services can be paid out of escrow with no up-front cost to our clients.

  • Staging services are dependent upon availability and are not guaranteed unless a contract is signed.